reading-cornerEach Kindergarten and the way they operate their curriculum are as different and individual as are the children we teach, but we all have the same basic Early Childhood aim and compassion for our children.

We work within the Early Years Framework for Victoria and the National Quality Framework when developing the program plans and goals for the children for the year.

The differing needs, interests and levels of development of the children will determine what is happening in the program and where it is going.

The program is planned by:

  • Individual observations and backgrounds: This is where the interview process is very beneficial so we can get a good overview of the children and families before they commence. Throughout the year, we will be taking individual observations of each child regarding their levels of development in social/ emotional skills, language, fine motor and gross motor skills, and cognitive abilities.
  • Objectives and goals: These are formed by assessing the observations and background of each child and getting to know the children. These are broken down into: Overall- per year, Long term- per term, and Short term- per week. This allows us to see how the child is progressing step by step and how the curriculum is meeting their needs.
  • Evaluation: This is the last step of the cycle, which then moves back to observation and background for each planning cycle. This is where we look at how the program aspects are working toward the objectives. We then look at what may need to be changed, extended or altered.
  • Other aspects of program planning included:
  • Themes: These are used as coat hangers to hang the developmental goals on and give purpose and structure to the planned activities along with including events and important topics in the community into the Kindergarten.
  • Excursions/ Incursions: This is to give the children concrete experiences related to what they are learning about in the Kindergarten program. These also give opportunity for the children to gain understanding of the codes of behaviour required to go on safe and enjoyable outings in the community.
  • Presentations and Concerts: These are a great opportunity for friends and family to become involved and they validate the work the children do.
  • Structure, rules and limits, routines: This creates order and flow within the curriculum. Allowing children to practice skills in a safe and secure environment, which is required in society to operate successfully. It gives them a way in which to pre-empt what will happen next in their day.
  • Lots of FUN: Children learn through play and fun. Enjoyment of learning is what we aim to foster to give them a great educational start.

Within our program planning, we like to include lots of opportunities for the children to explore, assess, discover and discuss. We enjoy teaching the children to experiment with all aspects of the world around them and within themselves. Often we will initiate their interest in topics through the use of movement and music, group discussions, stories (both reading and telling) and all whilst having fun.

Above all, we want the children and families to have a great Kindergarten experience and to generate an enthusiasm for Kindergarten and their learning environment. We hope that with your support w can achieve this as the basis of their education for years to come.


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