Enrolment & Fees

Three Year Old Kindergarten Programs

Enrolments for our three-year-old program are managed by TRY Australia. Enrolment forms are available by contacting TRY Australia directly or downloading a copy of the form from their website.
Children need to be 3 years old prior to commencing a 3 year old pre-school program.

Four Year Old Kindergarten/Preschool

Local Council operates a 4 Year Old Kindergarten Central Enrolment service for the 29 Community Managed Preschools in the Banyule area.
The Enrolment form is now available for 4 Year Old Kindergarten in 2017 and 2018. Enrolments for 2018 opened on 1 March 2016. An enrolment form can be downloaded from the link below. Alternatively enrolment forms are also available from any Banyule Service Centre, Community Managed Preschool or Banyule Maternal and Child Health Service.

Forms should be returned to Council as soon as possible, after the above date, as preschool places are allocated in date of enrolment order. Therefore, it is best to enrol your child as early as possible.

Enrolments forms for 2018 cannot be submitted prior to 1 March 2016. Enrolment forms for 2019 will be available on the Council website from 1 February 2017.

4 Year Old Kindergarten Enrolment Form for 2017 & 2018 View full PDF


Fees for 2017

Please contact TRY Australia for current fees for 3yr old and 4 yr old kindergarten. Their contact details can be found here .  

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